About Us Lyrics

Hit us for some dough 
We coming with different flavors
Pull on up to the cart 
We’ll pull on up when we cater
You can save it for later
You should order a lot
Squad up with the boyz,
who swishin' on every shot

Pop up throughout the city 
with a hiphop vibe

Cart is our Cadillac 
you should see this ride
Take a ride to events
and check out the different options
Best dough in the city 
and soon the only one poppin'
Know that we never stoppin'

Our Confetti To Die is to die for
I’d want this delivered to my door
New flavors getting made day and night
Want more of the world is s’mores,
I knew it would change your life

Light up the oven and bake one of em
Share a piece with the fam' and you’ll quickly be the man
Cuz the Chip Hop Hooray always make em celebrate
Follow us on the gram it’ll be your favorite place, forreal

The brand love hip hop,
Our playlist tip top on the scene
Eating Nuttin Butter got you livin in a dream
Feel free to gluten free if you’d like
Vegan chocolate chip is even better than the hype

Twitter, IG, Facebook you can find us
We the new leaders, everybody get behind us.


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